Contemporary Game Assignment #2

Trumpy Wall

Platform: Android

Objective: The objective of Trumpy Wall is to advance as far as possible in the game before getting hit in the head by a falling platform. This is done by clicking the same color as the same as the next brick, there are two colors. While doing this there is a group of platforms falling from the sky and chasing the character.

3 Things That I didn’t Like:¬†

  1. The ads that pop up once you die. Almost every time you die there is an ad that pops up trying to trick you into clicking it. There is also the want of the player to watch a video to earn coins.
  2. The coins required to buy a new character. To buy a character in the game it cost 100 coins which is a lot of coins for the game. This is because the player would only get 10 coins for 100 jumps. 100 jumps is also very hard to do for the average player.
  3. The lack of background color and objects. In the background there is only sand and cacti. This is very bland from a visual standpoint even if the designer is trying to portray the Mexican theme.

3 Things That I Did Like:

  1. The addictive game play of the game. The game is very addictive to play becuase you always want to improve your score, and the want to have all the funny characters which requires coins.
  2. Funny characters. There a lot of funny political characters in the game and some normal ones that are textured very good.
  3. The simpleness of the game. The game is very easy to learn and play. There are two buttons to click and that is it. However there is a learning curve, it is to learn but hard to master.

3 Things That Makes the Game Popular:

  1. Very simple to play. People will be drawn to the to simplicity. They will see that the game can be played almost anywhere at anytime.
  2. The cartoony design. The game copies the famous designs of Crossy Road which was very popular. People could be drawn to that style of the game because other games with that design were popular.
  3. The strive to beat your previous score. People all always striving to be the best at something and to have the best score. This is the same with this game, the goal to be the best.

Game Modification Plan

How Would I Improve the Game:

The first thing I would to do to the game is make the characters less expensive too buy. The characters are currently 100 coins I would cut that in half. This is because I have spent over an hour in the game and I only have one character. That is a lot time spent for one character for a phone game. The game also doesn’t just let you purchase the character you have to random spin for them. That is why would make the character worth 50 coins because it would still be hard to unlock all of the character but still make it possible to get a lot of cool characters.

The second thing I would do is make the background more appealing. This would make the already good looking game a lot better. The game already has a cartoony theme that is very good looking, but for some reason there is little attention to the background. I would continue the cartoony theme in the background. For example birds flying, cow skulls, lakes, rivers,skeletons,grass, and farms.

The final thing I would change to this game is the ads. I wouldn’t remove the ads completely but instead I would move them to a different spot. For example instead of putting it the middle screen once you die; I would put it in the bottom and the top of the screen. This will probably make people less mad but still sponsoring other content.


Why This May not Have Been Done Before:

  1. The developer probably did not have a lot of characters at the release of the game so he made it hard to unlock those few characters.
  2. Maybe the developer¬†finished the game play of the game and saw that it didn’t need that much attention to the background.
  3. Whoever created this game probably had the idea of making money with the game so to to that that put ads int that would cause the player to accidentally click the ad.

Why Players Would Like These:

  1. People love the unlock/currency systems in games. It makes the game have a goal which would increase the lifespan of the game. Making it possible to unlock more characters would probably make it a longer lasting play ability lifespan.
  2. This would just make the game more appealing to players eye. Most people would like a visually appealing game along with a game that has good game play.
  3. People don’t like to be tricked into clicking ads so removing this will not cause people like me to rage quit.

Why These Could Be Difficult:

  1. There could have been at one point not enough characters in the game. If they were worth 50 coins it would be to easy to unlock all of them.
  2. The game is already fun to play this so the developer could be working on a new game while not worrying about this game.
  3. If this is done the developer would probably not make as much profit as before with the other ad setup.

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